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Nahum-Detailed Outline
A. Nineveh's Doom Declared
Nahum 1:1-1:8 Character of Nineveh’s Judge
Nahum 1:1 Introduction: Prophecy concerning Nineveh; book of the vision of Nahum of Elkosh
Nahum 1:2-8 Revelation of God’s awesome power. Mainly characterized by God’s justice. An awesome display of majesty is seen…the entire creation is affected.
Nahum 1:9-11 Declaration of Nineveh’s Doom
A judicial indictment is given. A conspiracy against the Lord is seen. God’s supreme authority renders guaranteed outcome. God will bring their evil to an end.
Nahum 1:12-1:15 Comfort to Nineveh’s Oppressed
Nahum 1:12-14 The sentence: There will be a complete reversal in fortunes of opposing nations. Assyria’s might will be shattered. Judah’s bondage will be shattered. Nineveh will be annihilated; there will be no survivors.
Nahum 1:15 The purpose of the Lord. Good news of salvation; proclamation of peace. The feet of one who brings good news…who proclaims peace. Judah’s worship will be restored, independent.
B. Nineveh's Doom Described
Nahum 2:1-2:5 City Besieged
Nahum 2:1-2 A warning and a promise: An attack is coming therefore Nineveh should beware. A promise of restoration for Judah is given.
Nahum 2:3-5 Initial onslaught: the attack will be led by chariots…a formidable foe. Conflict will be in the streets of the city.
Nahum 2:6-2:10 City Overwhelmed
Defenses are failing. The main line of defense is breached; heart of the city is destroyed. Gates are opened, palace collapses. Inhabitants are carried away; and the treasures are plundered.
Nahum 2:11-2:13 City Made Desolate
Nahum 2:11-12 Analogy of beasts of prey is given. Assyria had been likened to savage beast of prey. Filled its coffers on backs of conquered lands.
Nahum 2:13 The Lord’s judgment: A verdict of condemnation is given. Military will be defeated. Nineveh will have no prey…its cruelty will be over. Voices of the messengers will no longer be heard.
C. Nineveh's Doom Observed
Nahum 3:1-3:5 Cause of the Overthrow
Nahum 3:1 An announcement of the verdict is seen. Woe to the city of blood, full of lies and plunder and victims. A summation linking the crime to its punishment is given.
Nahum 3:2-3 A further description of destruction is given including the resumption of a battle scene. The casualties are too numerous to count…the people remaining stumble over them.
Nahum 3:4 Analogy of harlot: Nineveh had also enslaved nations by her prostitution (and witchcraft). City had long sacrificed any semblance of moral behavior. Nineveh had been alluring; sucked the life out of those enticed by her.
Nahum 3:5 The judgment of the Lord: Lord overturns the city’s brutality. A metaphor of humiliation and disgrace of the harlot is seen. Violence has been met with violence.
Nahum 3:6-3:11 Lesson of the Overthrow
Nahum 3:6 Nineveh will be treated with contempt and made a spectacle.
Nahum 3:7 Announcement of the verdict: All will flee from Nineveh; there will be no one to mourn (Indeed, this is one of the mysteries of all antiquity. For all its glory, Nineveh was never rebuilt. It went from unrivaled prominence to desolation within a span of 80 years and was obliterated from memory. No other land was pillaged so completely. It was literally forgotten!)
Nahum 3:8-11 Third description of Nineveh’s destruction: Reference to destruction of Thebes (664 BC). None of her resources, palaces could protect her. She was taken captive and went into exile. The same fate awaits Assyria.
Nahum 3:12-19 Certainty of the Overthrow
Fourth Description of Nineveh’s Destruction
Nahum 3:12-14 No refuge will withstand onslaught. Attacking Nineveh will be no more difficult than picking ripe fruit. Soldiers are weak, ineffective. Siege of the city will be effective.
Nahum 3:15-17 Analogy and judgment from the Lord. Conquest will be by fire and sword. Evokes images of locusts and grasshoppers. Nothing will be left. Merchants will strip the land and fly away. Guards and officials will disappear like the locusts on a sunny day. Those claiming to serve Nineveh will all abandon her. Nation will be a victim of the self-interest it had promoted.
Nahum 3:18-19 The Verdict: Nineveh’s aristocracy will “sleep”. People will be scattered. Wounds will not heal; injuries will be fatal. People will rejoice…all those who have felt their cruelty.

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