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Matthew-Detailed Outline
A. Preparation
Matthew 1-2 Jesus’ Birth
Matthew 1:1-25 Genealogy
Matthew 1:1 Introduction…Jesus Son of David
Matthew 1:2-17 Family record: Organized in three divisions of fourteen generations each
Matthew 1:18-21 Announcement of the conception of Jesus. Mary was found to be with child from the Holy Spirit. Joseph was a righteous man and took her to him
Matthew 1:22-25 Birth of Jesus: This all happened in fulfillment of prophecy.
Matthew 2 Wise Men and Herod
Matthew 2:1-11 Visit by Wise Men to Herod: They followed star, inquired of “King of the Jews”. (Herod was the “king” at that time). Herod sent them to look for the child and told them to “report back to him”.
Matthew 2:12 Worship of Jesus and presentation of gifts by Magi. They were warned not to return to Herod.
Matthew 2:13-15 Joseph is told in a dream to go to Egypt.
Matthew 2:16-18 Herod’s fury. Massacre of baby boys is seen.
Matthew 2:19-23 Death of Herod and family’s return. Joseph was told to bring family back to Nazareth. Another reference to prophecy.
Matthew 3 Jesus’ Baptism
Matthew 3:1-17 John the Baptist
Matthew 3:1-6 An introduction to John the Baptist is given.
Matthew 3:7-12 Warning to the religious leaders. Accuses them of hypocrisy (You brood of vipers!). Day of Messiah is at hand.
Matthew 3:13-17 Baptism of Jesus: Jesus lays claim to being Messiah. The descent of the Holy Spirit and opening of the heavens is described.
Matthew 4:1-4:11 Jesus’ Temptations
Temptation in the Wilderness: The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness. Tempted three times, quoted Deuteronomy three times. After 40 days, angels ministered to him.
B. Preaching
Matthew 4:12-4:25 Proclaiming the Kingdom
Matthew 4:12-16 Imprisonment of John the Baptist: Jesus returned to Capernaum (fulfillment of prophecy).
Matthew 4:17 Jesus began to preach.
Matthew 4:18-22 Commissioning of the disciples.
Matthew 4:23-25 Summary of Jesus’ ministry in Galilee.
Matthew 5-7 What Jesus Taught
First Major Discourse – Sermon on the Mount
Matthew 5:1-2 Jesus taught them.
Matthew 5:3-12 Eight Beatitudes: Blessed from God’s perspective. The (1) poor in spirit, (2) sorrowing, (3) meek, and (4) hungering. Those who are (5) merciful, (6) pure in heart, (7)peacemakers, and (8)persecuted.
Matthew 5:13-16 Salt and light. The commission to the disciples. Let your light shine.
Matthew 5:17-20 Fulfilling the law and the prophets. Jesus’ commitment to the teachings of Old Testament.
Matthew 5:21-48 Jesus’ six commands (Sometimes called Jesus’ antitheses). “You have heard it said…. but I say to you…”
Matthew 5:21-26 Words on murder/anger.
Matthew 5:27-30 Words on adultery/lust.
Matthew 5:31-32 Words on divorce.
Matthew 5:33-37 On the taking of oaths/truthfulness of every word.
Matthew 5:38-42 An eye for an eye/nonviolent resistance.
Matthew 5:43-48 Loving one’s enemies.
Matthew 6 Acts of Righteousness
Matthew 6:1-4 On giving alms. Do it in secret, be rewarded openly.
Matthew 6:5-6 Pray in secret be rewarded openly.
Matthew 6:7-13 The Lord’s Prayer.
Matthew 6:14-15 Solemn statement on forgiveness. You will be forgiven as you forgive.
Matthew 6:16-18 On fasting. Fast in secret, be rewarded openly.
Matthew 6:19-21 Store up treasures in heaven, not on earth.
Matthew 6:22-23 The eye is the lamp of the body.
Matthew 6:24 The inability to serve two masters.
Matthew 6:25-34 Reasons Not to Worry
Matthew 6:25-30 Trusting God for provisions. Birds neither reap nor sow. God cares for them, yet are not people more important than birds? God clothes the lilies, yet are not people more important than lilies?
Matthew 6:31-34 Heavenly Father knows our needs. Seek first the kingdom of God. Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow.
Matthew 7:1-5 Do not judge. Motes and beams/sawdust and logs.
Matthew 7:6 Need for discernment – no pearls to pigs.
Matthew 7:7-11 Ask and it shall be given.
Matthew 7:12 Summation of Law and the Prophets.
Matthew 7:13-27 Conclusion and commitment
Matthew 7:13-14 Small and wide gates.
Matthew 7:15-20 Good and bad trees that can only bear good or bad fruit.
Matthew 7:21-23 Rejection of false prophets.
Matthew 7:24-27 Houses built on sand or rocks.
Matthew 7:28-29 Crowds marveled at Jesus’ authority.
C. Jesus' Ability to Rule
Matthew 8:1-4 Healing of a Leper
Matthew 8:5-13 Centurion’ Servant Healed of Palsy
Matthew 8:14-15 Healing of Peter’s mother-in-law
Matthew 8:16-17 Multitudes Come for Healing
“And he healed them all.”
Matthew 8:18-22 Cost of Discipleship
Matthew 8:23-27 Stilling of a Storm
Matthew 8:28-34 Gergesene Demoniacs Healed
Matthew 9:1-8 the Man Cured of Palsy. Healing the paralytic and forgiving his sins.
Matthew 9:9-9:17 Matthew, Eating, Fasting Wineskins
Matthew 9:9 The call of Matthew from his tax collector’s booth. Because he was working on behalf of the Romans, the Jews hated him.
Matthew 9:10-13 On eating with sinners.
Matthew 9:14-17 A query and a response on fasting. Old and new garments/wineskins.
Matthew 9:18-9:22 The Woman With the Hemorrhage
Matthew 9:18-26 The Ruler’s Daughter Raised. Raising of Jairus’ daughter.
Matthew 9:27-31 Two Blind Men Given Sight
Matthew 9:32-34 The Dumb Demoniac Healed. Exorcism of a dumb man.
Matthew 9:35-38 Summary of Healing and Preaching. Sees the need for more workers (the harvest is great). Asks disciples to pray.
Matthew 10:1-11:1 The Apostles Empowered to Preach
Matthew 10:1-4 Commissioning of the Twelve.
Matthew 10:5-11:1 Second Discourse - Mission
Matthew 10:5-16 Instructions regarding their ministry. Commission to go to the “lost house of Israel”.
Matthew 10:17-20 Spirit will guide them, speak through them.
Matthew 10:21-25 Disciples will suffer persecutions, betrayal even from their own families. They will suffer just as Jesus has already suffered.
Matthew 10:26-31 Disciples have no reason to fear. Those who fear God have no need to fear men. God will provide for their care.
Matthew 10:32-39 Qualities of being a disciple. They must adhere to the gospel message. They must be committed to Jesus.
Matthew 10:40-11:1 Encouragement and expansion. Anyone who receives you receives me. Jesus went on from there to the towns of Galilee.
D. The Peoples Reaction to Jesus
Matthew 11:2-13:53 Rising Opposition to Jesus
Matthew 11:2-15 John the Baptist-In Doubt
John questions whether Jesus is the “one who was to come”. Jesus responded with “the blind see; the lame walk…” Jesus endorsed John’s work.
Matthew 11:16-11:19 “This Generation” – Unresponsive. Jesus recognized that people were still hesitant to follow either him or John.
Matthew 11:20-11:30 Galilean Cities-Unrepentant
Matthew 11:20-24 Woes on all the unrepentant cities.
Matthew 11:25-30 Jesus praised the Father for his acceptance of “these little ones”. Jesus had come. to reveal the Father. Jesus invited all to come to him.
Matthew 12:1-12:42 The Pharisees-Unreasonable
Matthew 12:1-14 Sabbath Concerns
Matthew 12:1-8 Jesus’ disciples picked grain on a Sabbath. Pharisees complain. Jesus responded, “The Son of Man is the Lord of the Sabbath”.
Matthew 12:9-14 Healing of man with withered hand (on a Sabbath). Pharisees went out to plot his death.
Matthew 12:15-21 Jesus is the servant that had been prophesied.
Matthew 12:22-37 Accusations Against Jesus
Matthew 12:22-24 Healing of demon-possessed man.
Matthew 12:25-29 Pharisees accuse Jesus of being in league with Beelzebub.
Matthew 12:30-32 Those who blaspheme against the Spirit cannot be forgiven.
Matthew 12:33-37 There is a connection between words and actions. Good trees give good fruit.
Matthew 12:38-42 Continued confrontations. Pharisees request a sign. Jesus gives “sign of Jonah”.
Matthew 12:43-45 Worthlessness of Self Reformation
Matthew 12:46-50 His Family-Misunderstanding. Who really is his family…those who do God’s will?
Matthew 13 The Multitudes-Undiscerning
Third Discourse – Parables of the Kingdom
Matthew 13:1-9 Parable of the farmer who sowed seed.
Matthew 13:10-17 Reasons for speaking in parables.
Matthew 13:18-23 Jesus explains the parable of the sower and seeds.
Matthew 13:24-30 Parable of the tares and wheat.
Matthew 13:31-33 Parable of the mustard seed and leaven.
Matthew 13:34-35 Purpose of parables is in fulfillment of prophecy.
Matthew 13:36-43 Explanation of parable of the weeds.
Matthew 13:44-48 More parables about what is truly of value.
Matthew 13:50-53 More explanations of parables.
Matthew 13:54-19:2 Continued opposition and polarization.
Matthew 13:54-58 Rejection at Nazareth.
Matthew 14:1-12 Herod the King Herod’s execution of John the Baptist.
Matthew 14:13-14:36 The Disciples-of Little Faith
Matthew 14:13-21 Feeding of the five thousand.
Matthew 14:22-33 Jesus walks on the water.
Matthew 14:34-36 A summary statement of Jesus’ healing ability.
Matthew 15:1-15:20 Pharisees accuse Jesus of breaking tradition of the elders. Jesus declared all foods clean.
Matthew 15:21-31 Jesus’ encounter with the Gentile woman. Jesus declared it was not right to take bread from children. Woman said even the dog’s get crumbs from the table.
Matthew 15:32-39 Feeding of the four thousand.
Matthew 16:1-4 Pharisees ask for a sign. Jesus told them none would be given (Let us not forget this request follows the two feedings).
Matthew 16:5-12 Warning to the disciples about the leaven of the Pharisees.
Matthew 16:13-20 Peter confessed that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.
Matthew 16:21-28 The first passion prediction. Peter rebuked Jesus for saying such a thing. Jesus responded with more instructions re discipleship.
Matthew 17:1-8 Jesus is transfigured on the mountain. Peter, James, and John witnessed this.
Matthew 17:9-13 Jesus instructed them on the importance of Elijah.
Matthew 17:14-21 Disciples were unable to heal the epileptic boy. Jesus told his disciples they needed “faith as small as a mustard seed”.
Matthew 17:22-23 The second passion prediction. The disciples were filled with grief.
Matthew 17:24-27 Jesus was asked about paying temple tax. Jesus told Peter to get tax from fish’s mouth.
Matthew 18 Fourth Discourse – Discipline in the Church.
Disciples must become like little children. They can never cause anyone to sin. Parable of the lost sheep. How to treat a sinning brother. Institution of “Matthew code”. Disciples must forgive “seventy-times seven”. Parable of the ungrateful servant. Master forgave his debt, but he refused to forgive a debt from another. Servant was required to pay full amount.
E. The Passover and Jesus
Matthew 19-25 Parables and Entry Into Jerusalem
Matthew 19:1-2 Transition statement.
Matthew 19:3-12 Teachings on marriage and divorce.
Matthew 19:13-15 The blessing of little children.
Matthew 19:16-22 Story of the rich young man. The young man went away sad because he had many possessions.
Matthew 19:23-30 Teachings on rewards of the kingdom. Disciples had left everything to follow Jesus.
Matthew 20:1-16 Parable of the daily workers. All received the same amount, regardless of length of time worked.
Matthew 20:17-19 Third passion prediction. Jesus predicts His death.
Matthew 20:20-28 Two of Jesus’ disciples wanted special privileges. Other ten were quite upset when they found out. Jesus told them whoever wanted to be first must be last.
Matthew 20:29-34 Healing of two blind men. They followed Jesus.
Matthew 21:1-11 The triumphal entry into Jerusalem. People shouted, “Hosanna to the Son of David”.
Matthew 21:12-17 Jesus drove out the moneychangers at the temple.
Matthew 21:18-22 Cursing of the fig tree.
Matthew 21:23-22:46 Controversies at the Temple
Matthew 21:23-27 Chief priests question Jesus’ authority. Jesus asked who had given authority to John the Baptist. Chief priests could not answer.
Matthew 21:28-32 Parable of the two sons (I won’t and I will). Tax collectors and prostitutes will avail themselves of the kingdom.
Matthew 21:33-46 Parable of the wicked tenants. They killed the landowner's son. Chief priests began to look for a way to arrest him.
Matthew 22:1-14 Parable of the wedding banquet. Invited guests had excuses; servants gathered all from outside.
Matthew 22:15-22 Pharisees asked about paying taxes to Caesar. Jesus answered, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.
Matthew 22:23-33 Sadducees asked about marriage after the resurrection. The crowds were astonished at his teachings.
Matthew 22:34-40 The two greatest commandments. Love the Lord with all your heart; love your neighbor as yourself.
Matthew 22:41-46 Jesus asked the Pharisees about the Son of David. From that day on, no one dared to ask him any more questions.
Matthew 23:1-36 Woes against the teachers of the law and the Pharisees
Matthew 23:1-12 Teachers cannot just speak the law, they must live the law.
Matthew 23:13-32 Seven Woes. Pharisees had failed to respond to Jesus as the Messiah. They emphasized the letter rather than the spirit of the law. They had misinterpreted Scripture
Matthew 23:33-39 Concluding lament over Jerusalem.
Matthew 24-25 Fifth Discourse – Eschatology
Matthew 24:1-14 Premonitions of great catastrophes to come
Matthew 24:15-21 Prediction of the fall of Jerusalem (this had happened in 70AD).
Matthew 24:22-28 Warnings against false Christ’s during these troubled times.
Matthew 24:29-31 The coming of the Son of Man.
Matthew 24:32-41 The significance of the turbulence (Birth pangs).
Matthew 24:42-25:46 Teachings on Watchfulness
Matthew 24:42-44 The homeowner does not know when the thief will break in.
Matthew 24:45-51 The servant does not know what day his master will return.
Matthew 25:1-13 The virgins do not know when the bridegroom will come. Five were prepared; five were not.
Matthew 25:14-30 The story of the talents as an illustration of activity while disciples are awaiting the end of the kingdom. One was given five, another two, and another one. The first two doubled their money; the third did not and lost what little he had been given.
Matthew 25:31-25:46 Judgment at Jesus’ return to earth.
Matthew 26-27 Arrest, Trial and Crucifixion
Matthew 26:1-4 Fourth passion prediction. While Jesus was speaking, the chief priests were plotting. 26:5-13 Anointing at Bethany. Disciples were upset, but Jesus said, “Do this in memory of her”.
Matthew 26:14-16 Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty silver coins.
Matthew 26:17-19 Jesus instructed disciples to prepare for the Passover.
Matthew 26:20-25 Jesus predicted the betrayal. Judas said, “Surely, not I?” Jesus replied, “Yes, it is you!”
Matthew 26:26-30 Jesus took the bread and the cup. Told his disciples to eat and drink of it. Then they sang hymns and went to the Mount of Olives.
Matthew 26:31-35 Jesus predicted they would all abandon him and Peter would deny him. They all promised to “die” with him and to “never disown” him.
Matthew 26:36-46 Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. He prayed, “Not my will, but thine be done”. The disciples could not stay awake to watch with him.
Matthew 26:47-56 Jesus was arrested. This was necessary so that Scripture would be fulfilled. All the disciples deserted him, just as he had prophesied.
Matthew 26:57-68 Jesus was taken before the Sanhedrin. False witnesses were produced. The high priest declared him to have blasphemed. Then they spit in his face and struck him with their fists.
Matthew 26:69-75 Peter followed at a distance. Peter denied knowing him three times. When the rooster crowed, Peter remembered. Jesus’ prediction and wept.
Matthew 27:1-2 Sanhedrin sentenced Jesus to death, sent him to Pilate.
Matthew 27:3-10 Judas, filled with regret, hanged himself.
Matthew 27:11-26 Jesus stood before Pilate. Pilate asked if he was “King of the Jews”. Jesus replied, “It is as you say”. Pilate offered to free one prisoner – Jesus or Barabbas. Crowd chose Barabbas. Pilate had Jesus flogged, and handed him over to be crucified.
Matthew 27:27-31 Soldiers mocked and spit on Jesus.
Matthew 27:32-44 Crucifixion. People mocked Jesus while he was hanging on the cross. “He saved others, but he can’t save himself”. Two robbers were crucified with Jesus. Robbers also heaped insults on him.
Matthew 27:45-50 Jesus dies on the cross. From the sixth to the ninth hour, darkness came over the land. Then Jesus cried out…and gave up his spirit.
Matthew 27:51-56 Cosmic response to Jesus’ death. Curtain of the temple was torn in two. Huge earthquake, tombs were opened; people were raised. Women were watching from a distance
Matthew 27:57-61 Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for permission to bury Jesus. Mary Magdalene and others were watching.
Matthew 27:62-66 A guard was placed at the tomb.
Matthew 28 Resurrection
Matthew 28:1-7 After the Sabbath, Mary Magdalene (and others) went to the tomb. They saw an angel sitting there. He told them to go quickly and tell the disciples. “Jesus has gone before you into Galilee. There you will see him.”
Matthew 28:8-10 Jesus met the women on their way to the disciples. They worshiped him
Matthew 28:11-15 Guards reported resurrection to chief priests. They bribed them to say that disciples stole the body during the night.
Matthew 28:16-17 The eleven remaining disciples go to Galilee and see Jesus.
Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus commissioned them to go into all the world. He promised to be with them until the end of the age.

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