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Hebrews-Detailed Outline
A. Jesus the Son
Hebrews 1:1-1:3 A Better Voice Than Prophets
Jesus the Son of God is the heir of all things and the creator of the universe. Jesus is the outshining of God's glory, the expression of the nature or essence of Deity, the sustainer of the universe He created, and He is the Sacrifice that paid for sin.
Hebrews 1:4-2 A Better Name Than the Angels
Jesus has a better name, Son. The angels worship him. He is Creator and Master of angels. He has an eternal throne and is anointed with the Holy Spirit. He is unchangeable. He is seated at God's right hand. He has ushered in a testament, which, displaces theirs. There is a warning against letting New Testament slip away. If the rejection of First Testament truth was punished, how much more will rejection of New Testament truth be punished. This truth was spoken by the Lord and confirmed by those who heard Him, and attested by miracles. Jesus is to be Ruler over the Messianic Kingdom. Angels, being servants, cannot rule. Adam was placed over earth but lost his dominion through sin. Jesus has regained this dominion for man, who will be associated with Him in His rule. Jesus is the High Priest who has put away sin by the sacrifice of Him. Jesus becomes Savior through His death on the cross. Jesus’ death made possible through His incarnation Jesus become incarnate (man).
Hebrews 3:1-3:6 A Better Apostle Than Moses
Jesus is the Creator of Israel. Moses only a member of that house Jesus is the Son of God over Israel, Moses a servant of Israel.
Hebrews 3:7-4:13 A Better Leader Than Joshua
A warning is given against hardening their hearts toward the Holy Spirit as the wilderness wanderers hardened their hearts against God. That generation did not enter Canaan rest. The evidence of the fact that the recipient is saved, is that he retains his profession of faith in Messiah under the stress of persecution, not going back to the Old (First) Testament sacrifices. The recipient will die in his sins if he fails to put his faith in Messiah as High Priest, just as the wilderness wanderers died a physical death because of unbelief. An exhortation is given to enter rest in Jesus, and warning against continued unbelief.
Hebrews 4:14-6 A Better Priest Than Aaron
Jesus ascended through the heavens into the actual Holy of Holies. He was taken, not from among men, but from the Godhead. Jesus is sinless and is an eternal High Priest. Jesus becomes the actual High Priest through His death and resurrection. Jesus is the reality as High Priest, which does away with the types of the First Testament. The recipients are hard to teach and dull as to spiritual perception. They had been instructed in New Testament truth but were babes, that is, immature in their spiritual thinking. They are exhorted to put away the Levitical ritual, and be borne along to New Testament truth, and are warned against laying down again a foundation of Old Testament doctrines. They had been enlightened by the Holy Spirit as to New Testament truth, and had tasted of that which constitutes salvation, and had been made partakers of the Holy Spirit. They had also tasted the Word and had seen the attesting miracles. They had been led into repentance. Now should they fall away from their profession of faith in Messiah and back to the sacrifices, it would be impossible to renew them to repentance. The saved among the recipients would not apostatize. The unsaved are exhorted to follow in the steps of faith of the saved. Jesus is a High Priest who actually brings the believer into an eternal standing in grace. God's oath and God's promise guarantee the believer's eternal retention of salvation. This salvation made possible by the presence of the High Priest in the heavenly Holy of Holies.
Hebrews 7–8:6 A Better Priest Than the Levites or Melchisedec
Jesus is a High Priest after the order of Melchisedec. Melchisedec was a sinner saved by grace, had no recorded parents, no recorded date of birth or death so he was a type, therefore, of Messiah in His eternal priesthood. The Aaronic priests received tithes. Melchisedec received tithes from Abraham, therefore, was “better” than Abraham. Melchisedec in type is still receiving tithes, whereas Aaronic priests died. Aaron “in” Abraham paid tithes to Melchisedec, therefore, the latter is superior; therefore, Messiah is better than Aaron, being a priest in the order of Melchisedec. Jesus is High Priest of a Testament that offered a sacrifice that put away sin. The First Covenant neither offered nor made anything complete. Old Testament priest came from tribe of Levi, the New Testament priest from the tribe of Judah. Old covenant set aside in favor of a better covenant. Messiah lives forever: the Aaronic priests died. Because they were mortal, there were many Aaronic type priests. Jesus, because eternal, has a non-transferable priesthood and is thus able to save the believer forever. Jesus is a better High Priest, because he is sinless. Jesus is the Mediator of a better covenant. His tabernacle is the heavenly one; Aaron's tabernacle is merely a type. Jesus’ Testament (covenant) therefore better than the one Aaron served under
B. Jesus the Sacrifice
Hebrews 8:7-8:13 Jesus the Mediator of a Better Covenant
The First Covenant faulty in that it did not put away sin. New covenant made with Israel and Judah. First Covenant dealt with Israel as with a minor. New covenant through indwelling Spirit brings believers to adult son-ship. Under the New Covenant, all individuals in Israel will know the Lord. Under the New Covenant, sins are put away. New Covenant displaces First Covenant.
Hebrews 9:1-9:15 The Mosaic Tabernacle, the Lessons Taught and How Jesus Provided a Better Sacrifice
The First Covenant was a picture (was typical). Its sanctuary was on earth. Its appointments were pictures. Its priesthood was only temporary. The New Covenant was actual. The reality is better than the type. The sacrificial blood was better. It was Jesus’ own blood. Animal blood cleanses from ceremonial defilement. Jesus' blood cleanses from actual sin. Therefore, Jesus is the Priest of a better Testament.
Hebrews 9:16-10:39 The Limitations of Animal Sacrifice vs. the Effectiveness and Completeness of Jesus’ Offering. The heavenly Testator Himself dies. A last will or testament is operative at testator's death. First Testament made operative by death of an animal. The better tabernacle purified with better blood. Earthly tabernacle cleansed with animal blood. Heavenly tabernacle cleansed with blood of Messiah. The once for all sacrifice of Messiah better than all the sacrifices of the First Testament, in that:
(1) He suffered once on the cross; He appears in heaven as High Priest now: He will come in His second Advent to Israel. Notice, if you will, the three appearings of the Messiah here. These correspond to and are the fulfillment of the three appearings of the High Priest on the Day of Atonement in Israel.
(2) Blood of animals cannot take away sin
(3) In view of that fact, Messiah volunteers to become the sacrifice. In so doing, He sets aside the First and establishes the Second Testament.
(4) Notwithstanding the fact that the First Testament had been set aside by God, and the New Testament had been brought in, the Aaronic priests still offered animal sacrifices.
(5) The New Testament Priest procured a finished salvation
(6) The Holy Spirit through Jeremiah bears witness to the New Testament
(7) The unsaved professing Hebrew exhorted to place his faith in the High Priest of the New Testament
(8) He is exhorted to hold fast his profession and not waver between the desire to go on to faith in Messiah or to go back to the sacrifices
(9) Exhorted to continue attendance upon the New Testament assembly
(10) Warned not to sin willfully in renouncing his professed faith in Messiah and going back to the sacrifices
(11) For the one who would go back, there remains only judgment
(12) The one who rejected the First Testament was punished
(13) The one committing the threefold sin against the three Persons of the Triune God would be punished more severely
(14) The recipients are urged to remember the persecutions they endured for their testimony to Messiah, and not let them go for naught by returning to the sacrifices.
(15) They are urged to obtain justification through placing their faith in Messiah, and not draw back to perdition
C. Jesus and Faith
Hebrews 11 Faith the Moving Power of the Ages
Hebrews 11:1-11:3 Faith defined. The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Hebrews 11:4-11:40 Faith illustrated. Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Parents of Moses, Moses, Joshua and Israel, Rahab, Gideon, Barak, Sampson, Jephthah, David and Samuel…plus more.
Hebrews 12:1-12:17 Faith Leads to Jesus.
Faith is exhorted. If these Jews remain under the chastening hand of God, and do not seek to escape persecution by renouncing their professed faith in Messiah, that is an evidence that they are saved. But if they do the opposite, that shows that they have never been saved. Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.
Hebrews 12:18-13:19 Faith Expresses itself in Practical Mortality.
When they come to New Testament truth, they come, not to the thunders of Sinai, but to the grace of Calvary. They are warned not to refuse the Lord Jesus, for those who refused Moses were punished. Jesus never changes. Let us offer a sacrifice of praise to Jesus.
D. Summation
Hebrews 13:20-13:25 Benediction and conclusion.
Jesus the Son of God is the heir of all things and the creator of the universe. Jesus is the outshining of God's glory, the expression of the nature or essence of Deity, the sustainer of the universe He created, and He is the Sacrifice that paid for sin.

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