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1 Timothy-Detailed Outline
A. Introduction
1 Timothy 1:1-1:2 Introduction: Paul declares that he is an apostle of Jesus Christ by commandment of God.
1 Timothy 1:3-1:10 Warning against unsound doctrine. Teach no other doctrine” should be “not to teach a different doctrine. The purpose of sound doctrine is to produce love in Christian living. The law is good”, means that it is morally excellent. It is good for moral conduct but not for salvation. Law cannot save a sinner…it should correct a sinner. The local church should teach sound doctrine to insure correct conduct. Man must think right to act right.
1 Timothy 1:11-1:17 Personal testimony of Paul: This is Paul’s statement of his life before the Damascus road experience. “Mercy” is what a sinner needs…not justice. Faith, love, grace, and mercy are the great realities of the Christian faith.
1 Timothy 1:18-1:20 Charge to Timothy. Apostates had already appeared among the believers in the local churches.
B. Conduct in the Church
1 Timothy 2:1-7 Public prayer for the public and public officials: “Supplications” are petitions. “Intercession” is to intercede on their behalf as if they did not pray. God’s desire is the salvation of all. Praying for rulers so that the gospel can be preached is in the will of God. Also, He wants all believers to advance to full maturation by studying the Word of God. Prayer is made only through Jesus, for no man can come immediately into the presence of God…only through Jesus. He is the mediator because He is both man (Jesus) and God. Jesus is a propitiation (mercy seat) for the whole world. Mercy must be appropriated to be effective (just as a gift).
1 Timothy 2:8 How men are to pray. Everywhere! “Everywhere” means in every place where believers meet. “Lifting up holy hands” was a custom in that day, practiced by the early church. It revealed the dedication and lives of those praying. “Without wrath” means that sins have been confessed. “Without…doubting”.
1 Timothy 2:9-2:15 How women are to pray. Women are not to dress with the idea of attracting the opposite sex when they pray to God (see 1 Corinthians 11:5). Women were leaders in the mystery religions of Paul’s day, which were largely sex orgies. Here Paul cautions that women are not to speak in tongues publicly. The woman is not to be over the man in spiritual matters for the sake of order and headship. This should be an incentive to a man to be the spiritual leader rather than asserting authority as a dictator. It was the sin of Eve that brought sin into the world, and only sinners are produced through the childbearing. It was the birth of Jesus to Mary that brought the Savior into the world. No man provided a Savior — a woman did. However, a woman is saved by faith the same as a man is saved by faith, and she is to grow in love and holiness the same as a man.
1 Timothy 3:1-3:7 Requirements for elders. Positive qualifications: “one wife”...not guilty of immorality, polygamy, or an un-scriptural divorce; “temperate”...a better translation would be “cool, calmer not credulous”; “sober-minded”...a better word is “serious”; “of good behavior”…a better word is “orderly”; “apt to teach” means an ability and love of teaching. Negative qualifications: “not given to wine,” means no drunken conduct; “not violent” is not pugnacious; “not greedy of filthy lucre, but patient” means “not covetous, but reasonable”; “not a brawler” …a better translation is “not contentious”; “not covetous” means to not be a money lover. In his own home, an elder should be the authority without being the dictator. He will be the same man in the church that he is in his home. An elder should not be a novice “Novice” is better translated as “new convert.” “Lifted up with pride” is blinded with pride. “Condemnation” is judgment. Satan will be his accuser. An elder should be a man of good report. “Good report” is a good testimony.
1 Timothy 3:8-3:13 Requirements for deacons. — Paul and Apollos are called deacons
Others who are called ministers: “Minister” is a general term for a servant and worker. Deacon is to be grave. “Grave means to be calm and cool. Deacon is not to be double–tongued. “Double-tongued” is to be two-faced. Deacon is not to be given to much wine”. The Bible teaches temperance, not total abstinence. Deacon is not to be “Greedy of filthy lucre”, which means having an insatiable love of money, obtained by any means. A deacon should be tested before he is placed in office. He is to be blameless. “Blameless” means they are not to be guilty if accused. Wives of deacons must measure up to certain standards. They are not to be “Slanderers” or gossips. A deacon who serves well will become a man to be trusted.
1 Timothy 3:14-3:16 Report of Paul to Timothy: Paul sent this letter ahead to Timothy to guide him until he himself could come. This letter would be the book of church order for the local church in the absence of Paul. God was manifest in the person of Jesus Christ.
C. Church Problems
1 Timothy 4:1-4:5 How to recognize the apostates. In the last days they will depart from the faith, by listening to seducing spirits, with their doctrines of demons. They speak lies and live in hypocrisy. They forbid marriage and to abstain from certain foods.
1 Timothy 4:6-4:16 What the “good minister” can do in times of apostasy. The minister should warn believers about the apostasy and false teachers by teaching the words of the faith. Avoid old women’s myths. Practice godliness. Be diligent in study.
1 Timothy 5 Relationship of ministers to different groups in the local church. An elder is not to be rebuked publicly but is to be entreated privately. He is to have a chaste relationship with the opposite sex. Family responsibility comes first in a Christian’s life. A widow could occupy an official place in the church. Idleness and gossip are condemned. Woman is the homemaker. Each family is to support its own widows. Elders are to be honored. A man who brings a charge against an elder must do it before witnesses. The minister must not show partiality. ay hands suddenly on no man” is a caution not to be hasty in returning a sinning elder to office. God does not always judge a believer’s sins here in his life. Sometimes judgment does not come until a believer stands before the judgment seat of Christ.
D. Personal Admonition
1 Timothy 6 Have nothing to do with proud men who want to argue. A believer should find satisfaction with his position in life. Riches do not bring satisfaction. Money is not evil in itself; it is amoral. “The love of money” is a root of all kinds of evil. The man of God should pursue these virtues. Fight the fight of faith. This fight may be outward or inward, physical or spiritual.
Jesus is the only One who has been raised from the dead in a glorified body. A warning to the rich to trust God not riches and to be ready to give to others is given. A charge is given to Timothy to keep the faith and not to listen to oppositions to the truth of scripture

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