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This is a new addition to Nugget Net News which combines the gospels (when the original gospel include it) into one reading, so the reader can get a more complete understanding from the scriptures of what was seen by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

All scripture comes from the King James Version, and is included exactly as that gospel wrote it.

Consider it this way, 4 people can walk up a mountain from 4 different sides of the mountain, and get an entirely different view based on which side they came up, and provide a different view and description from what they saw.

Each description would be correct based on what they saw. But hearing it from each writer, can give you a more detailed perspective of the whole picture.

This is our goal, to see the whole picture without having to flip back and forth between gospels, but have them all in one reading.

We hope you find it helpful.The Readings will grow over time as we develop them, so come back often to find new listings below.

1. The Woman With The Issue of Blood.
(Mt. 9:18-34, Mk. 5:21-43, Lk. 8:40-56)

2. Jesus' Temptation In The Wilderness
(Mt. 4:1-11, Mk. 1: 12-13, Lk. 4:1-13)

3. Jesus Calms The Storm
(Mt. 8:18-27, Mk. 4:35-41, Lk. 8:22-25)

4. Jesus Delivers A Man From Evil, Unclean Spirits.
(Mt. 8:28-34, Mk. 5:1-20, Lk. 8:26-39)

5. Jesus Betrayed by Judas.
(Mt. 26:47-56, Mk. 14:43-52, Lk. 22:47-53, Jn. 18:1-12)

(More to Come)


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