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3 John-Detailed Outline
A. Gaius: The Sincere, Dedicated and Loyal
3 John 1:1-1:8 John calls Gaius “the beloved” four times. John prayed for his physical and material welfare. Gaius knew the truth of the gospel and obeyed it. John commends Gaius for having received and entertained the true teachers of the Word.
B. Diotrephes: The Domineering, Self-Assertive and Arrogant
3 John 1:9-1:11 The missionaries of the early church were itinerants. They went from place to place. Since the local inn was a wretched and dirty place these missionaries were entertained in the homes of believers. Gaius opened his home, for which John congratulates him. Diotrephes opposed this practice, and John censors him for it. Diotrephes’ problem was that he loved to have recognition, attention, and be the center of attraction. He had to rule or ruin. He was guilty on five charges: (1) must occupy the leading place; (2) actually refused to receive John; (3) made malicious statements against the apostles; (4) refused to entertain the missionaries (apparently he wanted to do the teaching); (5) excommunicated those who did entertain the missionaries (he tried to be the first Pope). He was Diotrephes, the dictator.
C. Demetrius: Of Good Repute
3 John 1:12 While there is only one verse about Demetrius, it gives us an insight into the Christian character of this noble saint of God. We cannot identify him with any other of the same name. His name means belonging to Demeter), which identifies him as a convert from paganism. He adorned the doctrine of Christ. Others testified to his character. He was true to the doctrine. Christianity was on trial in the first century. Three men pass before us in this little epistle…two were genuine, one was a phony.
D. Summation
3 John 1:13-1:14 John would have written a longer letter, but he was coming to visit his friend, Gaius.

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